Basil and Lemongrass

Basil and Lemongrass is a cafe on Prospect Road. The place offers all your traditional Thai dishes at prices that are on par with their competitors. The decor is modern and stylish, and you could easily fit 50 into this place. Tonight, we decided to go for the banquet, to get a good taste of the dishes this place has to offer.

MEAT SPRING ROLL – While the spring roll skin was fried to a nice golden brown, the skin wasn’t as crunchy as I had expected. The filling was nice cooked, however, it tasted kind of bland.

SALT AND PEPPER SQUID – The squid was fresh and had a nice coating. The amount of salt and pepper was adequate. While most of the squid was well cooked, there were some pieces that were slightly over cooked.

SATAY CHICKEN – Chicken was tender and succulent, and breast meat was used. The satay sauce was nicely made and it complimented the chicken well.

HONEY CHILLI PRAWN – Quite a unique dish with the use of honey as a natural sweetener. The prawn was perfectly cooked and a generous amount was provided. Vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the dish itself was quite tasty.

Honey Chilli Prawn
Honey Chilli Prawn

GREEN BEEF CURRY – Beef was lean, tender and well marinated. Curry was subtle in sweetness, and vegetables were fresh. Adequate amount of green curry paste used to make this dish.

LEMONGRASS CHICKEN – Chicken was tender and juicy, however, chicken thigh was used. Vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the dish had good flavour.

CASHEW NUT BEEF – Beef was lean and tender, however soda powder was used as a meat tenderiser, making the meat unusually soft. Vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the dish was tasty.

SWEET CHILLI AND GARLIC SAUCE SIZZLING PLATE – Chicken was tender and succulent, and breast meat was used. Vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the dish was quite flavoursome. It was nice have a sizzling plate dish in the mix.

PAD THAI – They make pretty good Pad Thai. Noodles were firm and perfectly cooked. Vegetables were fresh, however, I didn’t see many bean sprouts. The flavour was just right and it even had a nice reddish colour.

The staff were really friendly and accommodating, and for the most part the service was good. While they were fast with the refilling of drinks and the clearing of plates, the staff weren’t always attentive when we needed them. After we had finished eating our entrees, we were left to use the same plates with our mains. I felt the small entree plates should have been cleared and large main plates provided. I also had food scraps dropped on me when the dishes were being cleared.

The quality of the food here is pretty good and they certainly know how to cook in the kitchen. While the staff tried to do their best to give us good service, I felt there could have been slight improvements to enhance the dining experience. I realise the food dropping on me at the end of the night was an accident, however, it didn’t help their cause.

WHERE: 101 Prospect Rd, Prospect





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