Little Miss Miami

From the same people behind Little Miss Mexico, is a brand new themed pop up bar just around the corner, called Little Miss Miami. Unlike their predecessor, this venue is indoors in a double storey building, however, the upstairs section wasn’t accessible in its first opening to the public.

The decor here is aimed at recreating that Miami Beach feel. You can get a feeling of what to expect when you see the old CRT televisions stacked up on top of one another as you enter the bar. Coupled with the tiled bar bench tops, the timber facades, the old dining room lamps and the rectangular timber shelving, the whole place is just so 80’s.

The quirkiness continues with the striped cushioned booths, the strategically placed pot plants, the fish tank, the old hairdressers perm machine and the imaginative use of umbrellas in the outdoor area. The venue doesn’t seem as large as its predecessor, but you could easily fit 100 people here.

There’s a decent wine list and the drink prices are reasonable when you compare them to other establishments. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, there is a selection of Cuban/American inspired street foods available. I had the Cuban Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Croquettes. The pulled pork was OK, but the croquettes tasted kind of bland. Food was required at the time in order to soak up all the alcohol I was drinking.


I don’t think this place lives up to it’s hype. The queues outside this venue are created by letting more people out than they do in. It gives the impression that this is the place to be, but once inside, I didn’t think this place was anything special.

WHERE: 74 Frome St, Adelaide





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