Yoi Noodles and Sushi

Yoi is a Japanese take away outlet in the City Cross food court. As their name suggests, they do noodles and sushi as well as various other Japanese dishes.

Today, I ordered the Inside Out California Roll with Sesame Seeds. The sushi was wrapped in a cellophane wrapper and was nicely presented. The sushi rice was soft and moist, and you could tell it was freshly made. The seafood extender inside the sushi was just flour and had no nutritional value what so ever. It tasted OK though.

Inside Out California Roll
Inside Out California Roll

The staff were friendly, and the service was fast and efficient. Their sushi is slightly on the expensive side with all sushi costing $3 each. As their sushi types are the same as their competitors, I don’t think they should be charging a flat price. Some of the nearby sushi places are only charging $2 for the same types of sushi they’re selling.

The sushi that I happened to pick was quite nice, but I certainly wouldn’t be paying $3 for some of their cheaper varieties. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

WHERE: City Cross Arcade, Adelaide





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