Est Pizzeria

Est is a moderately sized pizza place on East Terrace. With their main kitchen area taking up most of the space on the ground floor, the place is still deceptively large if you count the number of seats (12 outside, 11 on the ground floor inside and 21 upstairs). Their specialty is gourmet wood oven pizzas, however, they do sell a handful of other dishes, as well as weekly chefs specials.

One of things that makes a great pizza is the quality of the toppings. At Est, they only use the best ingredients. There are 8 pizzas to choose from their menu and they’re all priced at $19.90. The decor here has that rustic feel about it. The dim lighting and the beautiful setting really create a romantic, warm and cosy atmosphere. The service was good for the most part, however, we did get a dirty look from the waitress when we asked for tap water.

Tonight, we ordered the Prawn, Pancetta and Verde pizzas to share. The Prawn pizza was ready after a 15 minute wait, and then the other 2 pizzas were ready about 10 minutes after. All the pizzas were nicely presented.

PANCETTA PIZZA – The toppings consisted of pancetta and radicchio salad. The radicchio salad was slightly bitter. The combination of the salad and the pancetta could be described as a bit unusual. It was OK, but it wasn’t my favourite.

Verde Pizza
Pancetta Pizza

VERDE PIZZA – The toppings consisted of broccolini, garlic, chili and anchovies. The broccolini looked like asparagus, and was nice and crunchy. There was heaps of garlic and anchovies, which are two ingredients that would go well on any pizza. The fresh chili gave it real bite.

Pancetta Pizza
Verde Pizza

PRAWN PIZZA – The toppings consisted of prawn, provolone, black truffle and rocket. This was the stand out pizza of the night. The prawns were perfectly cooked and the black truffle sauce was simply amazing! I’d come back here again just for this pizza.

Prawn Pizza
Prawn Pizza

The pizza crust was thin and flaky, which was great when it had just come out of the oven. Towards the end of the meal, the pizzas started to become hard and difficult to eat. Overall, the pizzas were quite tasty, although I wouldn’t say they were the best in Adelaide. The pricing is more than reasonable, particularly for the size of the pizzas. The ventilation here is not that great as we all smelt like pizza when we finished our meal.

Pretty good pizza. I’d come back if I had to.

WHERE: 30 East Tce, Adelaide





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