Argo On The Square

There’s a cool place called Argo on the Square.
Where you can get food at a price that is fair.

Every time I walk past, the place is full to the brim.
But stepping inside, it was a bit loud and a bit dim.

We ordered at the counter, and got burgers for $11.50.
We sat outside at the funky tables, which were rather nifty.

John’s Special burger was definitely a highlight.
The chicken, tender and juicy, was cooked just right.

The egg was well fried, the bacon was quite lean.
There was just so much salad, more than I had ever seen.

The MJ burger on the other hand, really wasn’t great.
Meat was slightly overcooked, and wasn’t worth the wait.

The pancetta was crisp, the sauce nice and tarty.
The burger wasn’t massive, and not really hearty.

The provolone cheese was melted, almost heavenly bliss.
This burger was OK, but next time I’ll give it a miss.

The staff here are friendly, and the service is quick.
The surroundings are clean, so you’re unlikely to get sick.

They’re open each weekday, for breakfast and lunch.
So why not come here, if you’re in need for a munch.

MJ Burger
MJ Burger

WHERE: 211 Victoria Sq, Adelaide





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