Baba Gallery

Baba Gallery is a Malaysian and Chinese restaurant near the Chinatown entrance on Gouger Street. The first thing that strikes you about this place is the use of green. The colour coordination continues as you enter this modernly decorated establishment. Their menu is mainly Malay and Chinese, however, some of the dishes move across Asian borders. The restaurant isn’t too cramped with seating available for 40.

Today, I ordered the Pad Thai. The dish was ready within 10 minutes of ordering and was nicely presented. The Pad Thai was delicious. The noodles were firm and chewy, and nicely cooked. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and there was just the right amount of bean sprouts added to give it that crunch. The chicken was tender and perfectly cooked, and there was a generous amount provided. Chicken breast was used which is great for the health conscious. I was impressed that I found king prawns in the dish, which were also well cooked. The peanuts added even more crunchiness to the texture, which was a nice touch. The dish itself was a bit browner than the reddish colour I was expecting, but I’m just being picky.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The service was really good and the staff were attentive and not overbearing. The pricing is on par with other places and their lunch time specials are one to look out for. Not a bad place to come for a meal. I will be back!

WHERE: 31 Moonta St, Adelaide






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