The best Japanese restaurant in Adelaide? Without a doubt!

From the moment you walk into Shiki, you realise this place just oozes style and sophistication. The place is traditionally decorated with strategically positioned ornaments near the entrance. A majority of the seating is around teppanyaki grills, however there is seating at the back of the restaurants for after dinner beverages and desserts. There are 10 seats to each grill and during busy times, you may find yourself sitting next to strangers.

The service here is excellent. From the placing of cloth napkins on your lap to the constant refill of drinks, there were always staff on hand to provide service. I loved how they provided freshly steamed wash cloths before the meal. The staff here were attentive but not over bearing. Plates were constantly cleared and condiments were replenished when required. I almost felt like servants were waiting on me hand and foot.

Teppanyaki is so much better than Korean barbecue because someone actually cooks the food for you. Hold on! That’s called a restaurant. Jokes aside, these Teppanyaki chefs know how to cook their food and it’s amazing to watch their cooking skills on display. They’re so knowledgeable about their food and will even tell you how particular meats should be cooked. My favourite part were the huge flames on the grill. I’m sure they save heating costs by doing this.

Tonight, I had the Kangaroo Fillets with Shiitake Mushrooms and Chicken Fried Rice. While I would have preferred to have all these dishes together at the same time, they were all cooked separately, at different times. The chef started with the seafood items, the meats, followed by the vegetables, and then the rice and noodle dishes. After each dish was cooked, the chef would indicate which sauce the dish was best suited with. The Kangaroo was the best I’ve ever had. The addition of green peppercorns and garlic flakes gave the dish more balance. The Mushrooms were just juicy and delicious. I felt they were a bit conservative with the chicken in the fried rice, but it was tasty none the less.

Teppenyaki Scallops
Teppenyaki Scallops

For dessert, I had the Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mandarin Segments. The dessert was of a decent size and was nicely presented. The dessert was smooth and creamy, however, it was slightly more watery than I had expected. I suspect they didn’t add enough gelatin while they were making it and as a result, lacked the appropriate consistency that a good panna cotta should have. You can find faults in anything if you really wanted to, so I’ll turn a blind eye on this one.

This isn’t the cheapest place in town and nor does it pretend to be. The perfectly cooked food made from high quality ingredients, the exceptional service, the cosy and relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful decor. All these components come together to create an almost perfect dining experience. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. This place is a must visit, if only once in your life.

WHERE: Intercontinental Hotel, North Terrace





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