I Am Thai

I Am Thai is a small little take away store located in Richmond Village. While predominately an eatery where people order to eat at home, I Am Thai also provides seating for customers to dine in. The decor is basic but modern, however the tables and chairs are not that impressive. I love the open kitchen space and the fact that you can see your meal being freshly prepared. The staff are friendly and the service is pretty good.

Tonight, I ordered the Pad Thai. The meal was ready 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. The Pad Thai was pretty good. The dish was dry and light bodied with a fresh, complex balanced flavour. The noodles were well cooked; firm, flexible and solid, and not completely expanded or soft. The amount of chicken was generous and lean breast meat was used. The chicken was slightly overcooked which made the meat dry. The vegetables were nice and fresh, with the bean sprouts giving the dish a delightful crunch. The dish itself was more brownish than reddish, and they could have added more peanuts.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The pricing here is really good, particularly for the portions that you get. The atmosphere was relaxed and overall, the meal was quite enjoyable. This place was a lot better than I expected. A pleasant surprise!

I Am Thai, I am impressed!

WHERE: Shop 3, Richmond Village, 200 Richmond Road, Marleston





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