Lime and Lemon

Lime & Lemon have been around for a very long time, long before their two Thai competitors came on to the scene. This cafe offers all your traditional Thai dishes, and from what I could see of the menu, very little has changed since I was last here many years ago.

The cafe is long and narrow and would seat about 100 people both inside and out. As it is located on a corner, it has the benefit of natural light coming in from the side. The bi fold doors at the front of the building are ideal for those warm Summer nights. The decor here is pretty basic with a warehouse style about it.

Tonight, I ordered the Char Grilled Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce. The meal came out 20 minutes after ordering and all meals arrived at the same time. My meal was well presented and was very tasty. The vegetables were fresh, and as you would expect from a stir fry, crunchy in texture.

The chicken was char grilled and you could taste the charcoal flavour in the meat. Chicken breast was used which was great for the health conscious. I did think the chicken ended up being slightly overcooked, but as a whole, the dish was quite good. The chicken to vegetable ratio was even.

Chargrilled Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce
Chargrilled Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce

When we walked into the cafe at the beginning of the night, we were told by the owner that we could pay for our meals separately. At the end of our meal, we were then told we couldn’t. While it wasn’t that big of an issue, it would have been nice if they had been consistent with their payment policy.

I also have to question the hygiene at the Lime & Lemon. While our table and cutlery appeared visibly clean, I did notice one the waiters clean one of the other tables with a dirty sponge. Instead of removing the food scraps properly, they were simply brushed off the edge of the table.

The atmosphere here was relaxed with it being a Monday night. The service was pretty good. The staff weren’t too over bearing or attentive, but were around when you needed them. My dish would be best rated as slightly above average. I’ve eaten at the competing stores and have to say the food there was better. Not just in food, but the experience as a whole.

WHERE: 89 Gouger St, Adelaide





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