The Bath Hotel

The Bath has been around since 1856 and is located at the eastern end of the Parade. The pub specialises in Modern Australian and Seafood, however you can still get your traditional pub fare. The decor here is modern and stylish, and the venue is quite spacious. The highlight of the place is the beer garden which is suitable under all weather conditions. The atmosphere here is relaxed and the service here is pretty good.

As usual, I ordered the Chicken Parmi. The meal came out after a 15 minute wait and all meals arrived at the same time. The schnitzel was perfectly cooked and the meal itself was well presented. The size of the schnitzel was a bit disappointing; it was of a suitable thickness, but a bit small in diameter, particularly for the price point.

The Napoletana sauce was rich in texture and had appropriate coverage over the schnitzel. The use of cherry tomatoes was a nice touch. On top of the sauce were a few slices of processed ham. I’m not a big fan of this because when the ham moves, all the topping goes with it. The mozzarella topping was generous and the chicken had spent sufficient time browning under the grill. The few sprinkles of parsley actually improve the presentation.

The salad was fresh as the vegetables were nice and crunchy. A vinaigrette dressing was added to the salad which was not over dressed. The chips were nicely cooked, however they were being suffocated under the weight of the schnitzel. I also prefer beer battered steak fries compared to your normal chips because they absorb less oil. They also supplied a slice of ciabatta bread to make up for the small schnitzel.

Chicken Parmi
Chicken Parmi

I was undecided as to whether this place gets a 3 or 4 star rating. Really it should be somewhere in between. Not a bad pub to go to if you’re in the area.

WHERE: 232 The Parade, Norwood





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