BBQ City

Out of all the restaurants along Gouger Street tonight, BBQ City was the only one that was packed. In fact there was a line 10 people long waiting to get a seat. Having never been here before, I felt it was time to see what all the fuss was about. A brief glimpse of the menu plastered on their window indicated they specialised in traditional Chinese cuisine. We also did take note that the meals were very cheap. The decor here was very basic and I felt they could have done a lot to improve the presentation of the place.

As we were lead to our table, I realised this restaurant was a cesspool of filth. There were food scraps on and underneath the table, as well as on my friends chair. Instead of cleaning our table, a waiter came along and simply put a dirty cloth over it. The waiter then brought over chopsticks and rice bowls which were also not cleaned properly. Looking over at two of the neighbouring tables was quite amusing. A woman at one table was cleaning her bowl with a napkin, while a guy at another table was brushing off food scraps on his table with the menu. A brief glance over the kitchen and toilet areas confirmed the filth was not isolated and we were not aware of what was installed for us food wise.

Tonight, I ordered the Spicy Crispy Beef. The meal came out after a 15 minute wait. My friend’s meal didn’t come out until 15 minutes after mine. My meal wasn’t very well presented as it looked like it was just slapped on the plate. Lucky for them, my meal was quite nice. The beef strips were unusually tender which indicated they used baking soda as a tenderiser. The beef was indeed crispy and the spicy sauce had a subtle sweet and sour flavour.

Spicy Crispy Beef
Spicy Crispy Beef

The service here was pretty poor. The hygiene was disgusting. I was surprised no rats were running under out feet. The atmosphere was vibrant and the food was above average. Pardon the pun, but the food here was dirt cheap. At under $30 for two of us, it certainly didn’t break the bank. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the place, I can see people come here for the cheap quality food and nothing else.

WHERE: 84 Gouger St, Adelaide





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