Ba Guo Bu Yi

This restaurant has a name that I can never get right. Thank god I can google the first word in the title to find out how to spell the rest of it.

The first thing that impressed me about this place was their glossy menu with impressive pictures of the food on offer. The prices were quite reasonable and on par with other Chinese restaurants. The decor here is traditional yet modern. The atmosphere was relaxed and the service was OK. While the waiters were all high tech with their hands free speakers, they failed to take our orders correctly after two attempts.

Tonight, I ordered the Crispy Beef in Plum Sauce. My dish came out after a 20 minute wait, but not all meals arrived at the same time. The crispy beef was nicely cooked and the sweet and sour sauce was subtle and not too sweet. The addition of fresh chilli inside the sauce was a nice touch as it gave the dish a bit of a kick.

Crispy Beef in Plum Sauce
Crispy Beef in Plum Sauce

Overall, the food was quite nice, however, we felt the service was a bit slow with both the food and the drinks. I was three quarters through my meal before my friend got her meal. This type of Chinese cuisine is not for everyone, but definitely worth checking out.

WHERE: 98 Gouger St, Adelaide





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