Fine dining Chinese restaurants are places I don’t usually go to. The place is worlds away from it’s nearest competitors that are just a few shops down. This stylish and classy restaurant is located close to the middle of Gouger Street, and offers all your classical Chinese dishes.

The decor here is funky yet classical, and the atmosphere is vibrant. The staff are warm and inviting, and the service is excellent. With the constant attention from the waitresses, I couldn’t help feel that I was the emperor and these were my concubines waiting on me hand and foot.

Last night, I had the Chicken and Glass Noodle spring rolls for entree, and the Kung Pao chicken for my main. The entree came out after a 10 minute wait and was pretty good. The spring rolls were perfectly cooked and the exterior was nice and crunchy. From what I could see, they used a double layer of spring roll pastry to give it that extra level of crunch. The Barossa free range chicken inside the spring roll was soft and moist, and just the way it should be.

Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken

Next up was my Kung Pao chicken which came out 10 minutes after the entree. This was one of the best Chinese dishes I’ve ever had. Again, they used the Barossa free range chicken in their dish, and why wouldn’t they? It was fantastic! The chicken was perfectly cooked, and so moist and tender. They even used breast pieces which is a winner for the health conscious.

The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and not overcooked. The lighting at this place was a bit dim to give it that romantic feel, however, if you were unlucky enough to bite into the dry chillies in the dish, it gave new meaning to being with a “hot date”. The cashew nuts in the dish was a great touch. The crunchiness of the nuts really worked in harmony with the other ingredients and perfectly balanced the dish.

I thought the price point for this place was quite reasonable for a fine dining establishment. Certainly, this place is a bit more expensive that it’s competitors along Gouger Street, but here you get great quality, service and atmosphere, which makes paying that little bit extra all worth while. I love the fact that they use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and it really shows in how tasty their dishes are.

Overall, I can’t recommend this place enough. I’ve never had a more pleasant and enjoyable experience at a Chinese restaurant. This place is ideal for a romantic occasions, and I will certainly be back again!

WHERE: 132 Gouger St, Adelaide





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