San Churro – Rundle St

Nearly 500 years ago, chocolate was brought over to Spain from Central America. It was the monks who were entrusted to provide chocolate drinks to the aristocracy. One monk in particular, San Churro, believed chocolate had healing properties and brought joy to peoples lives.

In Australia, San Churro is bringing joy to Australian lives with 30 stores around the country. This includes a new store that has just opened in Adelaide. Located on the corner of Rundle Street and East Terrace, San Churro is a chocolateria that sells chocolate products that use premium Spanish couverture chocolate.

Tonight, I was fortunate enough to sample what San Churro has to offer and I was more than impressed. First up was the Strawberry Bizcocho. Moist chocolate cake topped with strawberries, vanilla custard, melted milk chocolate and nuts. The combination was amazing. The different textures of the ingredients all worked in harmony.

Strawberry Bizcocho
Strawberry Bizcocho

The freshly made churros were also good. Best eaten while warm, the churros came with a range of dipping sauces; dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel. The churros themselves were well executed with a perfectly crunchy exterior, while moist on the inside.

The Spanish Hot Chocolate was up next. This was interesting as it wasn’t liquid. It was like a condensed chocolate jelly that was smooth enough to somehow get into your mouth. Not my favourite, but still a worthwhile chocolatey experience.

The milkshakes were the best that I’ve ever had. While there were a range of flavours on offer, I could only stomach two flavours, the strawberry and the vanilla. I felt the couverture chocolate really shone through in the milkshakes. It’s the inclusion of the Spanish chocolate that makes all the difference.

Suffering from chocolate overload at this point, the final dessert was the Choc Banana Sundae. It was basically chocolate ice cream with banana covered in milk chocolate, topped with whipped cream, peanuts and churros. I wasn’t a big fan of the whipped cream, but all the other ingredients really worked well together.

The atmosphere here was vibrant and the service was excellent. I’ve never seen a set of staff so enthusiastic about working at a place. I think it’s because they’ve been too busy sampling their own products. After my experience here, I could easily relate to how they were feeling.

Coming to San Churro actually brought me joy, which is what the Spanish monk had intended. It’s the Spanish couverture chocolate that sets this place apart from the rest. You really have to come into the store and experience it for yourself as words on a screen don’t do it justice.

WHERE: 300 Rundle St, Adelaide






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