The Stag Hotel

I’ve been coming to the Stag for years, but I’ve never actually eaten there until tonight. Beautifully located on the corner of Rundle Street and East Terrace, the Stag has a large balcony that overlooks Rymill Park. Business is pretty good, particularly due to it’s close proximity to the Fringe setup across the road.

Tonight, I ordered the Chicken Parmi. The meal came out 15 minutes after ordering and all meals arrived at the same time. The schnitzel was small in size and thickness, and was over cooked. The Napoletana sauce was subtle in texture and had adequate coverage over the schnitzel. The mozzarella topping was adequate and spent sufficient time browning under the grill.

The salad was not fresh. The leafy vegetables were dry and limp. Even the vinaigrette dressing couldn’t save it. The chips were well cooked and a generous amount was provided. The quality of the chips was good, however, I felt there were too many crunchy bits, you know, the ones you find at the bottom of a bag.

Chicken Parmi
Chicken Parmi

The service was good and the atmosphere was relaxed. For the price point, I didn’t think my meal represented good value for money. The schnitzel was too small and over cooked. They tried to compensate for the inadequate size by giving me more chips. Unfortunately, this is not good enough. Will think twice about eating here again.

WHERE: 299 Rundle St, Adelaide





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