Thai Lucky Bell

Located on Hindley Street, Thai Lucky Bell offers all your traditional Thai cuisine. The decor here is basic with their white plastic chairs and creamy coloured ceramic tiles. A few ornaments are scattered here and there, and counter area reminded me of a hoarders paradise. Thai Lucky Bell is a family owned business, where the staff here were friendly and inviting.

Today, I ordered the Green Beef Curry. The meal arrived about 15 minutes after ordering. This wasn’t the best Green Beef Curry I’ve ever had. The beef was lean but over cooked. The vegetables were fresh but had not had enough time to soak up the curry juices. The curry sauce was subtle in flavour with the right amount of sugar content. The rice was hard and was possibly cooked several days ago. The serving size was adequate.

Thai Green Beef Curry
Thai Green Beef Curry

At best, this place is OK. As another reviewer has suggested, there are so many better Thai places out there. Come here when you’re drunk and you probably won’t notice the difference.

WHERE: 79 Hindley St, Adelaide





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  1. davidlicious says:

    This looks very delicious!

    1. It was well presented but wasn’t the best I’ve had.

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