The Duke Hotel

There’s nothing like heading out to the Duke for lunch on a beautiful day, particularly when the company is paying. As we all had to preorder, I noticed they had updated their menu. Similar items to their previous menu with a few new ones thrown in. They even suggest what drink you should have with each menu item. Located on Currie Street the staff here are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. It was quite pleasant sitting in the shade of their spacious beer garden.

Today I ordered the Man Size John Wayne burger which comes with a double beef pattie. The meals came out within twenty minutes of ordering and were well presented. I consider the beef pattie to be the star of a burger but on this occasion I was disappointed. The beef patties were processed, thin and dry in texture. The bacon was lean and plentiful. The egg was cooked sunny side up, which is the just the way I like it, and the beetroot relish was subtly sweet.

John Wayne Burger
John Wayne Burger

While the burgers have more gourmet ingredients than they once had, I felt the meal was ruined by the quality of the beef patties. The other people that I was with seemed to be happy with their meals so perhaps I picked the wrong dish. Come here if you must but the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.

WHERE: 82 Currie St, Adelaide





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