Chicken Chettinad


There are a lot of Indian restaurants out there that serve dishes that we’re all familiar with, mainly because customers order what they like and are accustomed to. Dera are ...

Texan Madness

Burger Foundry – New Store

Burger Foundry is arguably one of the best burger joints in Adelaide. I still have fond memories of how good their burgers were, when I last visited their previous store. ...

Pork Belly

La Bonne Table

I’ve walked past La Bonne Table on many occasions, as my auto repairer is just around the corner, and a glance through their windows into their dining areas already had ...


Chicken Wiener Schnitzel

Jarmer’s Kitchen

At the site that was formerly Plant 13, is the brand new ...
Japanese Cheesecake

Matcha House

For those that don’t know, matcha (also known as maccha) is a ...
Sundried Tomato and Prosciutto Wrap


Coffylosophy came highly recommended from a friend and it certainly didn’t disappoint. ...
Chocolate Ice Cream

Koko Black

Koko Black is to Melbourne, what Haighs is to Adelaide. After visiting ...
Grilled Chicken Satay

Gin Long Canteen

Every second eatery that opens these days seems to be either a ...
Marscapone Dream

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier – Rundle St

From humble beginnings at their Unley Road store, Steven Ter Horst has ...
Pulled Pork Pizza

The Curious Squire

The last time I set foot in this place, it used to ...
Bacon Double


Every second store that opens up these days seems to be either ...
Spicy Beef Sausages

Press Food & Wine

I’ve heard good things about this place ever since it opened. We ...

Latest News

Butter Chicken

Cinnamon Club

The Cinnamon Club is located down a one way side street just off The Parade. This quaint little restaurant seats 24 and offers all your traditional Indian favourites and then some. They also have a selection of dishes cooked in their tandoori oven, dosas, biryanis and club wraps which are only available at lunch time. […]

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Roast Pork Roll

KKY Vietnamese Meat Rolls

Vietnamese street food is all the craze at the moment with yet another new store opening on the outskirts of the city. Located in a small complex amongst other shops and eateries is KKY Vietnamese Meat Rolls. This quaint little store is neat and well presented with everything shiny and new. Seating is limited with […]

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Violet Crumble Cupcake

Whipped Bake Bar Cafe

I have a dear friend who works till the early hours of the morning and lives by the beach. When we catch up for lunch, it’s her first meal of the day and she usually wants something a bit light. Knowing this, I pick a place that serves an all day breakfast, as well as […]

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Chorizo Dog

Worldsend Hotel

I remember a time when the Worldend Hotel had a full pub menu. I’m not sure what has happened since, but during one of my most recent visits, I was shocked to find they didn’t sell food. It was only by chance we ate here today, because our original lunch destination was unexpectedly closed. I […]

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Black Sesame Ice Cream

Samurai Teppanyaki

For those that know nothing about Japanese food, teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that utilises a hot iron plate to cook food. “Teppan” literally translated from Japanese means “iron plate”, while “yaki” means “grilled”, “broiled” or “pan fried”. There aren’t too many Japanese restaurants in Adelaide that do Teppanyaki, and the only one […]

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Smoked Trout Soft Tacos

Sad Cafe

Sad Cafe is quaint and hipster, and is located along Ebenezer Place, down the eastern end of Rundle Street. While immensely popular, the seating at this place is limited, so it’s not uncommon for people to go somewhere else because they couldn’t get a seat. The menu is simple and straight forward with breakfast options […]

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B & B Burger

Bread & Bone Wood Grill

Adelaide’s love affair with burgers continues as we see a new burger joint, Bread & Bone Wood Grill, open up on the revitalised Peel Street. Several partners within the business also run Press, which serves up arguably the best burger in Adelaide. So what’s the point of difference with this place when it comes to […]

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Assorted Baos

Sit Lo

As someone who eats out quite often, I see a lot of trends in the food industry. Last year, burger joints and dessert bars were quite popular, while this year there are eateries with Latin American influences and Vietnamese street food. Sit Lo is located on the new revitalised Bank Street and is the lastest […]

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Open Steak Sandwich

Cafe Froot

Cafe Froot is one of the numerous places along Semaphore Road where you can sit down and have breakfast. What makes this place different is that you can order breakfast at any hour of the day. There are over a dozen breakfast options with nothing too overly complicated. There is a lunch and dinner menu […]

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Raspberry and Passionfruit Tart

The Rolling Pin – Semaphore

I’ve read good things about The Rolling Pin out in Magill, but I’ve never had the chance to drive out there to check it out. Thanks to their success, they’ve opened two new stores out in the western suburbs, one in Semaphore and the other in Port Adelaide. The Semaphore store is located right in […]

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