Grilled Chicken

Maid Mice

Maid Mice is a rather unique name for a cafe and refers to the two owners who were born in the year of the rat under Chinese astrology. Stereotypically, people ...

Jamaican Jerk

Burger Foundry – Torrensville

As if dominating the burger landscape out in the east wasn’t enough, Burger Foundry have expanded and opened a new store in the western suburb of Torrensville, just outside the ...

Lychee Bavarois


Artwork on restaurant walls is nothing new, however, The Wonderful Winkler Gallery tries to take it to the next level by incorporating an art gallery with a restaurant and bar. ...


Chicken Rice Burger

Grass Chicken

Grass Chicken is the latest to open down the notorious Hindley Street ...
Strawberry Mille Feuille

Ginza Miyako – New Menu

Adelaide Food Central and other guests were invited to attend the launch ...

En Japanese Bar and Restaurant

En is a bar and restaurant located on the popular Goodwood Road ...
Dry-aged Burger

Sean’s Kitchen

With the former North restaurant going south, the prime location just outside ...
Yankalilla Beef Burger

The Local Grind

Located on the ground floor of The Watson Hotel, The Local Grind ...
Burger Italiano

Jamie’s Italian

During the opening for family and friends last week, I was told ...
Roast Pork Ramen

Ryo’s Noodles

Ryo’s Noodles is a Japanese ramen franchise that has stores in Sydney, ...
B & B Burger

Bread & Bone Wood Grill

Adelaide’s love affair with burgers continues as we see a new burger ...
Grilled Chicken Satay

Gin Long Canteen

Every second eatery that opens these days seems to be either a ...

Latest News


The Teahouse

The Teahouse is located on the western end of Jetty Road towards the beach. Specialising in tea and other beverages, they also offer a range of snacks in the form of sandwiches, foccacias and toasted sandwiches. There is also a small selection of sweets behind the cabinet. The decor is modern and well presented, with […]

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Broadway Burger with the Lot

Broadway Kiosk

If it’s all about location, Broadway Kiosk certainly has it. Situated right in front of the beach, customers are treated to picturesque views of the sea and one can imagine how spectacular it would be during a sunset. As for the food, there is a small selection of breakfast offerings available from 7am to 12 […]

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Chicken Quesadilla

Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill – Glenelg

Salsa’s is one of the largest fresh mex franchises in the country with over 50 stores to their name. With the standard burritos, bowls, quesadillas, tacos and nachos on offer, it all comes down to how the meals are prepared. This particular store is located metres away from the beach and is deceptively large. There’s […]

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Giant Paella

Comida Catering Co

Set amongst a world of international flavours in the Central Markets comes the Comida Catering Co, which provides a taste of Spanish cuisine. There are exactly 7 breakfast options available until 11:30am. After that, the tapas menu kicks in with just under a dozen options to choose from. The highlight of the week is arguably […]

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Chicken Couscous

Le Souk

The Central Markets is slowly turning into a place where you can get the flavours of the world at your doorstep. With Russian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Italian and Spanish food already available, Le Souk brings Algerian cuisine to the table. Anybody that has been to a Moroccan restaurant would have a good idea of what […]

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Adelaide Special

Glenelg Pizza House

Glenelg Pizza House is an institution in the area, having been around for over 45 years. Just like your typical pizza bar, there are 15 different pizzas to choose from in 4 different sizes; small (7 inch), large (11 inch), family (14 inch) and party (16 inch). If you’re not in the mood for pizza, […]

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Chicken and Chips

Tapley’s Charcoal Chicken

Just about every suburb has their own local charcoal chicken shop. The one in Glenelg North is Tapley’s Charcoal Chicken located at the beginning of Tapleys Hill Road as you head towards Harbour Town. As their name suggests, charcoal chicken is available, either hot or cold, or in hot packs. There are also burgers, salads […]

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Kim Chi Beef Pepper Rice

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is a franchise that has over 200 stores across Asia and it’s specialty is DIY cooking. It’s point of difference is a patented iron plate that uses an electromagnetic cooker to heat it to 260 degrees in 70 seconds. The plate then remains at an 80 degree temperature for more than 2o minutes, […]

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Gourmet Sujuk

The Little Eastern

The Little Eastern is a quaint little eatery further up Magill Road in St Morris. The name of the place has many meanings; the establishment is “little” and located in the “east”, however, the Lebanese offerings on their menu are also a reflection of the middle “eastern” influences. There are 8 items on the all […]

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Pad Thai

Natee Thai – Relocated Store

Natee Thai is located on the western end of Jetty Road, literally metres away from Glenelg Beach. It had humble beginnings on Pulteney Street in the city and has since moved and replaced what used to be the Oyster Shop. The menu looks vaguely familiar but is full of your traditional Thai favourites. Like all […]

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