Harry’s Bar on Grenfell

The Adelaide Food Central team were invited to dine at Harry’s Bar on Grenfell Street. All food and drink were provided free of charge. Harry’s Bar is close to the ...

Avocado and Feta on Rye

Parsec Cafe

Hindley Street is slowly being revitalised with a string of new bars and cafes being opened along this notoriously seedy strip. Format Collective, which was once on Peel Street, has ...


Ginza Miyako – New Winter Menu 2015

There are some upmarket restaurants out there that haven’t changed their menu in years. Ginza Miyako is a bit different as they constantly introduce new menu items to keep customers ...


Combination Meat Roll

Saigon Street Rolls

I’ve lost track of the number of Vietnamese eateries that have opened ...
Beef Short Rib

Moseley Bar & Kitchen – Menu Tasting

Don’t let the fact that Summer is still a way off deter ...
Rare Beef Pho

Pho Time

My favourite Vietnamese dish is Pho (Beef Noodle Soup). It’s one of ...
Dive Shop Double Cheeseburger

Little Miss Dive Shop

From the same people that brought you Little Miss Mexico, Little Miss ...
Burmese Style Lamb Meatball Curry

Kang Kong – New Winter Menu

Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample the new Winter menu at ...
Tres Leches

Hispanic Mechanic – Revisit

When I first started as a Food Blogger, I quickly learnt that ...
Wild Buffalo Burger

Kristian’s Kitchen

It’s not uncommon for a business to undergo re-branding in order to ...
Butter Chicken

New Haveli Restaurant

New Haveli is a restaurant located on Grange Road at the former ...
Pastrami Bagel

The Beigelry

In the United States in the early 1900’s, 300 bagel craftsmen established ...

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Red Ass

I’ve eaten at Red Ass a very long time ago when they were based in the city. I can’t quite remember what the experience was like, but it was only a short time after that they moved to Semaphore. Located on the busy Semaphore Road cafe precinct, Red Ass specialises in Thai and Indian cuisine. […]

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Viet Menu

When I first found out that Viet Menu was located inside the food court at Colonnades Shopping Centre, I was probably a bit skeptical as to how good this place could be. There’s a common perception that food from a food court is of average quality at best, and I must admit, I’ve had a […]

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Raw & More

With health foods trending in the food business at the moment, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the opening of Raw & More in the western suburbs. Open everyday for breakfast and lunch, this is a great place for the health conscious. Breakfast offerings include a selection of muesli, puddings and smoothie bowls, […]

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Dragon Court Seafood Restaurant

With already a handful of Yum Cha places down Gouger Street, competition is already tough for this Asian tapas. A new player has come on to the scene in the form of Dragon Court Seafood. There is a decent selection of classic Yum Cha dishes available during the day, while for both lunch and dinner, […]

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Sazon Espresso – Adelaide

Sazon first opened in Mt Barker over 6 years ago, and during that time, they’ve developed a reputation for great coffee and authentic Mexican street food. As part of their expansion, they’ve now opened a city store which is currently open during the week for breakfast and lunch. There are 8 options on their breakfast […]

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Vietnamese Laundry – Zomato Meetup

At a time when Vietnamese street food was all the rage, Vietnamese Laundry opened up on the quieter western side of the city. Located inside an old laundromat, they started off with classic street food dishes that we are so familiar with today. 10 months later they’re still going strong, and together with Zomato, invited […]

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Mlkman App Launch

The team at Adelaide Food Central, along with other bloggers and media, were invited to test out the up and coming food delivery app “Mlkman”. All food and drink were provided free of charge. Mlkman essentially is a food order and delivery application. Planning and development for the app began in February of this year. […]

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Mollydooker Wines – Sparkle in the City

Last Friday night, Mollydooker Wines invited us to their pop-up wine bar to launch their newest sparkling: Girl On The Go. Mollydooker Wines is a family business run by Sarah and Sparky and their two kids, Holly and Luke. The name Mollydooker comes from Aussie slang meaning left-hander, as Sarah and Sparky are one of […]

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Bonjour Vietnam

Some of the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine is not found in the city centre but out in the western suburbs where the community actually live. A fine example of this is the Bonjour Vietnam restaurant which offers an extensive range of classic homestyle dishes. There are entrees, soups, salads, stir fried dishes, noodle dishes, deep […]

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Yum Rolls

Yum Rolls is a small Vietnamese eatery located within a shopping complex on Marion Road in West Richmond. Like most Vietnamese street food stores, this place offers 10 types of meat rolls, a selection of entrees, salad bowls and noodle salad bowls. The place is not particularly large, but there are a handful of seats […]

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