Robern Menz – White Choc Raspberry FruChoc

Heralding the arrival of winter and World Chocolate Day, FruChocs are revealing a delightfully unexpected new variety, with White Choc Raspberry FruChoc hitting shelves in SA this June.

Reimagining a classic pairing, the newest product in the FruChocs range combines sumptuous tangy real apricot centres mixed with a sweet, natural raspberry flavour and a luscious white choc coating.

South Australia’s iconic chocolatier will launch the 135g White Choc Raspberry FruChoc in to Coles SA stores and The FruChocs Shop (in-store and online) from June 22, 2021. Menz FruChocs are the number one selling choc bite in South Australia, adored for their delicious more-ish flavour.

Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz comments, “Raspberries with white chocolate is a classic combination for a reason and we loved the opportunity to give this a FruChocs spin. White chocolate adds a rich sweetness which is perfectly contrasted by the fresh flavours of raspberry and apricot. We’re thrilled to get the White Choc Raspberry FruChoc onto shelves and into the mouths of chocolate lovers everywhere.”

“As we approach the tenth annual FruChocs Appreciation Day, we wanted to make sure it was one to remember. This brand new, gluten free fan favourite will arrive in time for both FruChocs Appreciation Day and World Chocolate Day, so South Australians can celebrate these annual festivities the right way,” he adds.

Menz White Choc Raspberry FruChocs will be available in Coles SA stores, Drakes, Foodland, IGA, On The Run, X-Convenience, Liberty Tip Top, BP AM-PM and Cheap As Chips by the end of June. Ranging in SA Woolworths stores is slated from August.

Product name: White Choc Raspberry FruChocs

Product size: 135g

Recommended Retail Price: $4.20 (grocery), $5.50 (P&C)

StockistsColes SA, Drakes, Foodland, IGA, On The Run, X-Convenience, Liberty Tip Top, BP AM-PM, Cheap As Chips (by the end of June) and Woolworths SA stores (in August)


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