“More like love at first bite” is a quote artfully written on the menu board inside ApiJo, and it absolutely sums up our dining experience. The name ApiJo is a blend of owners Aalapi and Joyal, and the care and love they have for each other carries through to their delicious and wholesome dishes. With a wide range of menu choices, this Indian-fusion restaurant celebrates vegetarian and vegan options. We tried a selection of their signature savoury dishes as well as their iconic dessert!

The first dish we tried was the Lemon and Coriander Soup. I know coriander can be a bit polarising, but if you love it like me then this is the soup for you! It had a nice tartness to it but was full of veggies and really wholesome. Served with some crispy noodles and grilled bread, this soup is the perfect start to their menu.

Our second dish was Paneer Tikka Samosa. Most people have tried a samosa before, but I bet you haven’t tried a samosa like this! They were so full of flavour with big pieces of cheese in the middle. They had a bit of heat, just enough to warm you up without losing any of the amazing taste – perfect!

Following this we tried Cheese Sev Puri. I didn’t even know what this was before coming to ApiJo, but I’m a big fan now! It’s a bit like an Indian version of nachos, but instead of corn chips the base is made of crispy dough wafers that are topped with potatoes, cheese, yoghurt and house-made chutney. The taste is really refreshing and light, and the many flavours of the dish work together beautifully.

ApiJo boasts an impressive range of toasted sandwiches, and we tried their signature Grilled Cheese Pineapple. I was a bit hesitant about this as I’m very much a “pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza” person, but Aalapi convinced us to give it a go and I’m glad she did! It was comprised of three slices of bread toasted with pineapple and generous amounts of cheese, but what made the dish even better was the house made pineapple jam and seasoning in it. The seasoning gave the dish a nice savoury note, and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

Up next was the Peri-Peri Cheese Masala Dosa. The dosa was large, crispy and loads of fun to tear up and dip into the different chutneys. It had a layer of butter, potato and cheese wrapped up inside – totally delicious!

Moving on to dessert, we tried their amazing signature dessert….Sizzling Brownie. Served on a hot plate with a scoop of ice cream on top, a pot of chocolate syrup is then poured over the dish, bubbling and sizzling as it pours. Theatrically fun and so indulgent, this brownie is a must have on your visit to ApiJo.

ApiJo is open for lunch and dinner everyday except Tuesdays.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 5/11 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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