Plant B Life – Blue Zones Dinner

Located on picturesque and pedestrian friendly King William Road, Plant B Life was born out of passion for helping adults and kids eat more vegetables and plant based meals. Providing eat at home meal plans, gift boxes and cooking experiences, Plant B Life also hosts 4 course dinner experiences twice a month. We attended the Blue Zones dinner event, which celebrates food inspired by regions of the world where people live much longer than average, and these Blue Zones also subscribe to a primarily plant-based diet.

Our appetiser was inspired by Ikaria, Greece. We had 72 hour fermented sourdough with a dip made from yellow split peas, fava beans, garlic, caramelised onions and paprika. The sourdough was tangy and crunchy, and the smooth dip was a pleasant and moreish flavour.

For entrée we had a fun take on beef carpaccio – instead we had beet carpaccio inspired the island of Sardinia, Italy. The roasted and flattened beetroot was topped with gherkin, spring onions, walnuts and avocado. The tang of the tasty toppings counteracted the sweetness of the beetroot, but for me the crunch of the walnuts made the dish even better.

Our main course was roasted eggplant stuffed with a vegetable medley. This Ikaria inspired dish had a plant-based cashew cheese with it, and it was a wholesome and healthy dinner with a lovely flavour to it.

To end our experience, we indulged in a dessert inspired by Okinawa, Japan. The dessert was a frozen raw parfait made of matcha, dates, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup. This was the dish of the night for me! I love matcha but it can often be too bitter, so the sweetness of the dates and syrup matched it perfectly. It was a lovely way to cleanse our palettes.

Plant B Life is located on King William Road in Goodwood and is offering their themed Friday night 4 course dinner experiences twice a month.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 1/96 King William Rd, Goodwood


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