Michael Shafar – 110%

Michael Shafar is no stranger to Adelaide and he was back for one night only at the iconic Rhino Room before he returns for the Adelaide Fringe. The crowd were pumped and as it is with any kind of comedy show never turn up late or even sit at the front row! In fairness the couple that came late had no choice as it was a packed crowd and only front row seats were left. Being the butt of Shafar’s jokes did provide for some belly laughs throughout the show and reminded me that it was a good idea to sit a few rows back!

As always Shafar doesn’t shy away from the hard topics like his second battle with cancer where a friend compares it to a benign mole or trying to be a positive representative to the Jewish community. I mean only he can tell a Jewish joke about the holocaust and get away with it! His relationship with family doesn’t escape scrutiny either and when Mum says you can get an itch from wearing skinny jeans, well you bet your bottom dollar she’s gonna be right! Melbourne lockdown or COVID wasn’t missed either. I mean how can you go through a ten month lockdown and not have something funny to say about it!

This was Shafar’s first show since his last appearance in Adelaide in 2020 and he didn’t skip a beat. He was bolder, slicker and funnier this time round. The Rhino Room was the perfect vibe for a night of comedy and Shafar was in his element. He’s one cool act and if you get the chance check him out when he comes back in March.


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