LOC Bottle Bar

With the twilight sun flickering through the oak tree leaves, down upon the small terrace picnic tables where I sat with a glass of rosé in my hand, I could…… discern the French Accordion playing traditional Parisian café music in my ears… Or perhaps that was just the rosé!

Are you also lamenting the European Christmas that could (and should) have been? Luckily for you, the LOC Bottle Bar offers a one-night European experience right here in Adelaide!

The up-and-coming natural wine bar has been established in the city centre on Hindmarsh square, thanks to Renew Adelaide; a not-for-profit developing enterprise that supports innovative ventures in vacant spaces around Adelaide. It seems to have struck gold by investing in the owner’s (Olivia’s) novel bar/bottle shop wine endeavour.

Although just a hop, skip and a jump away from the buzz of Rundle Mall, it’s easy to imagine being in an intimate, warm and even covert cafe in Paris or Belgium. Stepping into the bar itself, one is struck by the …. South Australian artwork on the walls (available for sale) and the electric-blue communal bar table to the left. A bench lines the right-hand wall and the concrete floor is plain yet inviting. An intimate vibe has been actively established and reinforced by the considered absence of a service bar, compelling (amiably!) the staff and patrons to mingle.

Nevertheless, it is the over 150 bottles of LOC (left-of-centre) wine presented on the back wall that truly capture one’s attention. A physical presence for Moore’s online bottle shop, it sincerely is, as the venue’s Instagram biography says, “Kinda like a bottle shop, but a bar instead.”

Staff members, Simon and Ramon, are as wine-savvy as any Bottle Shop owner would be, pouring out glasses of sparkling wine while educating me on the 1985 diethylene glycol wine scandal!

The wine itself is sectioned into old and new world, featuring the likes of St Laurent and Claus Presinger. A common theme ties all the wines though; their label as “natural.” New to this concept of “natural wine,” I asked staff member Simon to explain. According to Simon, “natural” wine has varied meanings (thanks Simon!), but common to each definition is the concept of “minimal Sulfur,” which is approximately “10ppm to 15ppm.”

Arguably much more important is the fact that all of the wines – whether produced in McLaren Vale, SA, or Dijon, France – are “made by young passionate people.” Who else would you rather support?

The assorted wines are all able to be perused by patrons and purchased at retail prices (plus a small corkage fee). I hope to see you there one evening, rosé in one hand and a glass of red in the other…

You may have noticed that I abstained from any wine puns in this article… I understand if you think that decision was in pour taste!

Words and Images by EG Mills from E-cup Gastronomy

WHERE: 6 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide


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