One Plus One Equals Four, The Keys to Success – Book Launch

John K Ngatia has been a pillar of the community for some time now. From when he came to Australia from Kenya in 1999 he has been a paragon of community relations and helping others. Going as far as winning the African Australian Person of the Year in 2015. Ngatia has lived a tumultuous life and wants nothing more than to share his experiences and wisdom to all those around him.

Ngatia has shared all he knows for some time now, first as a life coach. Helping people achieve their dreams and succeed at their endeavours in both their personal lives and businesses. Now he looks to spread the goodwill and positive guidance to even more people with his new book, One Plus One Equals Four, The Keys to Success. An odd title for sure but no less full of knowledge and life lessons.

To celebrate this momentous occasion Tania Paola of Food with a View hosted a book launch at the renowned Grange Golf Club. At this launch Ngatia’s partners offered their praise on all he’s achieved while Ngatia himself gave great thanks and shared with all in attendance just a snippet of his experiences including a couple chapters of the book itself. Ngatia’s wife and family put on food platters full of authentic Kenyan dishes.

The atmosphere was jovial and full of happy wishes, a welcome respite in the current climate. Ngatia signed copies of those purchasing the book, personalising each one with lengthy messages of hope. A portion of the proceeds of each one going to help causes in his home of Kenya.

John K Ngatia’s book One Plus One Equals Four, The Keys to Success is on sale now at a number of good bookstores as well as online at his website here. The book is available in paperback and ebook. Watch this space for a full review on the book itself.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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