Mk’s Cafe

At its core, Core51 was the place to go in Adelaide for laser tag, virtual reality gaming, and great food. Always busy with bookings for kids’ birthday parties as well as private groups, it enjoyed a solid following until the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. Suddenly, Core51 found itself having to shut down its gaming components indefinitely.

But the burgers that always had people coming back for more gave the owners reason to reopen with a new mission: sell the best burgers in Adelaide. Because the former gaming place didn’t need its old facilities, the owners sought out a new location on Hutt Street and adopted the name Mk’s Café.

Carrying the menu everyone loved from Core51, the only thing different about Mk’s Café is that it doesn’t have laser tag or gaming anymore. The new amply sized location at 178 Hutt Street is opening to better serve the area with its new burger joint motif.

While the pandemic has carried on, so too have the owners, using UberEATS to deliver the burgers everyone came to love before life as we knew it changed. Because of this popularity the owners decided to make their move to Hutt Street and create this burger bar in a prime location for those that wish to dine in, grab takeaway, or order delivery.

Some old favourites are on the menu, though there are new ones to try. Former fans of Core51 will recognize the Gamers Burger with 2 beef patties, melted cheese, onion rings, grilled mushrooms, the obligatory lettuce and tomato, and the finale, a secret sauce that has always been the buzz of the burger world in town. Mk’s Beef Burger has chipotle mayo and ketchup to accompany the melted cheese-covered beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and red onions.

For those that prefer something other than red meat, the Classic Chicken Burger is another popular choice, covered with melted cheese, lettuce, and that spectacular secret sauce. Even meatless eaters have something to choose with the Vegetarian’s Choice, a vegetable patty that can be served with or without melted cheese, baby spinach and rocket, avocado, tomato, and red onion along with the secret sauce.

Loaded baskets of nachos, fries, and tater tots make it hard to choose though easy to share, especially if everyone has a big appetite. Milkshakes and waffle cones will keep the kids happy while a selection of café-style coffee drinks will have adults happy with a good caffeinated buzz.

Now that the word is out that Core51 has become Mk’s Café, the best burger joint on Adelaide’s Hutt Street, be sure to give this innovative local business a try. Sink your teeth into the mouth-watering menu items and you’ll discover what the buzz is all about! Mk’s Café – Burger Joint Opens Saturday 22nd August.

Mk’s Cafe is open from 11am-9pm daily. For more information, visit their website here.

WHERE: 178 Hutt St, Adelaide



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