Gospo Collective – Come To Our House – Live Lounge Sessions

Nationally acclaimed singing group Gospo Collective is bringing stripped back and intimate hits from their award winning Adelaide Fringe show, Jackson Vs Jackson (19/20) to living rooms across Australia this Thursday as part of their brand-new Facebook Live series, Come To Our House: Live Lounge Sessions.

Led by vocal powerhouse, Charmaine Jones, the fortnightly Facebook Live series features key members of the Gospo Collective as they sing their favourite songs from over the years. The series will also feature special guests including Melbourne’s Dolly Diamond (who Gospo Collective performed with at the 2019 Adelaide Cabaret Festival) and many more.

The brand-new series, which was trialled with audiences earlier this month, is set to showcase fan-favourites from Jackson Vs Jackson (18/19 Adelaide Fringe), Gospolation (2017 Adelaide Fringe), Superstar ‘The Carpenters Story’, The Gospel According to Earth, Wind and Fire and Come To My House ‘A Tribute to Prince and his Friends’.

Jones said audiences will enjoy the intimacy of the new series, providing fans with a behind the scenes look at how the group come together to perform in a raw setting.

“For the first time, our audiences will be able to access their favourite performances by Gospo Collective in an uncut, intimate way that large venues don’t allow. People will get to see how we come together as performers to come up with concepts, arrange harmonies and rehearse together – something our audiences haven’t seen before.”

Jones said that although live performances are at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t have to be the end of performing for artists and creators alike.

“Platforms like social media allow us to continue to connect with our audience while adhering to current social distancing rules. We wanted to give fellow artists hope and encouragement through our Facebook Live series that the arts scene doesn’t have to die off, we just have to think differently about the way we perform ‘live’”
Audiences can expect to hear stripped back, intimate versions of their favourite songs from some of Gospo Collective’s most popular performances over the years.

“People will hear our shows in a new way – without the drums, the bass and the this and the that – just with keyboards. Audiences loved the moment in Jukebox Chorus: The Ultimate Australian Playlist when we performed around the piano, allowing them to really hear the incredible voices of Gospo Collective.

“In Come To Our House: Live Lounge Sessions, you can hear the way our voices come together like a vocal orchestra but you also get to see the energy and the way we interact and respond to each other – as well as the love and respect we have for each other within the group.” Jones said.

This must-see free intimate musical experience suitable for all ages will be available via Facebook Live every fortnight from Thursday 18 June and has been made possible with the support of local South Australian businesses: Venue Productions, Version Design, Adelaide Sound Hire and 5 Quarter Designs and Printing.

Follow Gospo Collective on Facebook now for more information: www.facebook.com/gospocollective



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