Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Hugh Sheridan Unplugged

Through his beginnings in Packed to the Rafters and further career in the California Crooners Club, Hugh Sheridan has become somewhat of an Adelaide Darling. Charming crowds year and year, Sheridan has wowed Adelaide with his smooth voice and toe-tapping jazz beats. Now a few years from sell-out shows with the Crooners, Sheridan is venturing out on his own with a much more intimate and personal affair.

Unplugged aims to be a stripped back solo show in which Hugh can really connect with the audience as he shares jazz and swing tunes which have meaning to him. Either from his childhood or his time in the States. Sheridan puts together a collection of stories of his journey from there to here and the songs that have stuck with him in that time. If you love Hugh Sheridan or even the Crooners this is a must see event. A real opportunity to look at the heart and soul that makes Hugh Sheridan as he bares all in a truly exclusive experience.

Sheridan explores a greater range in Unplugged, from songs from his Dad to Bobby Darling’s Artificial Flowers as well as a Sheridan’s own creation that draws from his own ordeals. This isn’t just a crooners classics show but instead a journey down the many and varied songs that impacted Sheridan. Sheridan has always been a performance powerhouse. Gone are the suit and bow tie, instead you are treated to pure Sheridan. Still as charismatic and smooth as he’s always been, he saunters into the crowd, interacting and just having some old fashioned fun with attendees. This could well be the start of some amazing and profound solo shows for Sheridan in Adelaide. He loves this city and wishes the best for it.

Sheridan has stepped out on his own and proven himself as just as capable a solo performer as he is with the crooners. This is the essential show not only for fans but for fans of jazz, swing and blues and everything that made the Crooners a worldwide hit.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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