Adelaide Fringe 2020 – The Wild Side – Jonny Woo

Creative mastermind Jonny Woo returns to Adelaide with his heartfelt tribute to Lou Reed, Candy Darling and the tumultuous rock club of the century, Max’s Kansas City. The Wild Side is both parts punk rock concert and sincere retelling of the life and time’s of Max’s Kansas City and all the lives it touched.

Jonny Woo himself takes on the role of Lou Reed. Crass, unapologetic and everything that is undeniably punk rock. Through his eyes he takes you through a music journey of the going on’s of Max Kansas City. Wild nights, drugs and a slew of interesting faces. A focal point of The Wild Side is the life of Candy Darling. A Warhol Superstar who didn’t reach the heights of fame she desired but still lived a life of glamour and beauty that came with begin part of Andy Warhol’s revolution. Played by Miss Cairo, The Wild Side gives you the untethered and impossible beauty that was Candy Darling in life.

Lou Reed goes through a number of his greatest tracks, mostly from Transformer, as he regales you with tale’s from Max’s Kansas City. Don’t think that just because he’s come back from the dead to put on a show that he’s like you though. Lou Reed is the true spirit of Rock and Roll and he doesn’t give damn about any of you. Jonny Woo cements his interpretation with his charisma and a dangerous air about him. A gravity that is naturally Lou Reed.

Jonny is supported by Amy Lou (Fi McCluskey) on vocals, Johnny (Marc Haywood) on Guitar, Eric (Jim Portas) on drums and Sugarplum Fairy (Marion Andrau) on bass and supplying drugs. Together they create a faithful recreation of Lou Reed and his closest friends as they jam out at the RCC and remember the best times in history.

The Wild Side is performing in the Attic at RCC every night except Monday’s until the 15th of March. Find more info here.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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