Adelaide Fringe 2020 – A Simple Space

A Simple Space is a circus performance stripped down to its bare elements. No platforms or equipment and minimal props. It’s simply a circus troupe putting on a spectacular using only themselves and each other.

This minimalistic approach means that show relies even more than others on the talent of their performers and the atmosphere they create, and the Gravity and Other Myths Circus has delivered in spades. Like the stage on which they stand the artists of A Simple Space are on a level playing field. No one performer is a specialist over the others. What this means is that the troupe both work well together, like a well-oiled machine, while at the same time encouraging each other further with some healthy competition.

Each act is spaced out with physical challenges that the group set themselves. Like doing backflip after backflip after backflip until someone screws up or Strip Skipping (it’s like strip poker with a skipping rope.) This is a group that is genuinely having fun on stage. That jovial, devil-may-care attitude radiates out and makes an impression on the audience.

The other factor that a show like this needs is the talent of it’s performers. The acts and stunts pulled off look silky smooth. The performers have an obvious air of confidence and comfort that more than likely stems from their attitude during the show. These performers are not putting on any mask or character during the show. Instead they are just themselves doing what they do best and pushing each other to the next level. Acrobatics, feats of strength and a lot of climbing each other. No matter the feat everything looks fluid, natural and polished.

A Simple Space is a show that is elegant in its simplicity. Being this succinct, everything rests on the shoulders of its performers and their determination and devotion to amaze you is visible on the face of each and every one. A Simple Space is on every night except Mondays in The Octagon in Gluttony until the 15th of March. More information can be found here.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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