Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Jukebox Chorus – The Ultimate Australian Playlist

Audiences went wild for Charmaine Jones, Gospo Collective, and The Jones Commentary with their incredible 2020 Fringe performance Jukebox Chorus – The Ultimate Australian Playlist. An hour long collection of feel-good medleys paired with groovy dance moves and incredible lighting cues, Jukebox Chorus – The Ultimate Australian Playlist is the perfect way to spend a night at the Fringe with the whole family!

The Cornucopia in Gluttony was full to the brim with excited guests ready to enjoy a fun night of Australian hits! The stage was filled with passionate and incredible performers who move together in unison and harmonise perfectly. Everybody radiated positivity and vibrance, and this really allows the audience to feel upbeat and enthusiastic.

Charmaine Jones looks absolutely phenomenal in a colourful dress which turned into a fun and flirty golden jumpsuit. Members of Gospo Collective look flawless, with the men wearing smart jeans and blazers, and the women looking stunning in matching dresses of an assortment of colours. The Jones Commentary worked in perfect unison and their simple, matching outfits made them look like single unit of voice and talent.

The mashups came from music by iconic Australian bands and singers from Kylie Minogue to Jimmy Barnes, as well as the likes of Olivia Newton-John, INXS, John Farnham, Yothu Yindi, and many others. The lush harmonies and arrangements matched with show-stopping choreography kept the audience swaying and clapping all night long.

This delightful and funky tribute to Australian music is a fun night for the whole family to enjoy, so be sure to get your tickets and see the magic which is created when you combine the charisma of Charmaine Jones, the talent of Gospo Collective, and the voices of The Jones Commentary!

Words by Elisabeth Marie


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