Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Poof Doof – Snap Crackle Pop

Poof Doof has long been the premier gay rave in Melbourne. Cultivating a culture of love, inclusion, fun and frivolity, Poof Doof have been putting on bombastic events catered to the LGBTQ+ community yet they do not exclude any single person. In their efforts to spread awareness and confetti across the country Poof Doof has expanded into Sydney now holding events every Saturday.

So, it’s about time that Adelaide has it chance to bask in the rainbow glory that is Poof Doof. Introducing Snap Crackle Pop, Adelaide’s very own gay rave. Full of colour, glamour and slick jams, Snap Crackle Pop is giving Adelaide the full Poof Doof treatment. Not looking to reinvent the wheel, Snap Crackle Pop places it’s faith in the charts. Expect your favourites in Pop, House and R&B from the 80s, 90s and 00’s as different DJ’s electrify the d-floor each Sunday night. What results is an atmosphere that is both invigorating and chill AF. People of all inclinations come together to join in shared appreciation of a damn good time.

With the likes of Argonaut, Night Call, and DJ Pillow Princess keeping the tunes fresh on deck. The verified Queens in the way of drag superstars Molly Morphine, Karen from Finance and Xai. Titillating Headliners like Zoe Badwi, Dorian Electra and Jawbreakers. Poof Doof have pulled out all the stops to make sure Adelaide catches the intoxicating love for all things outrageous in the Poof Doof signature style.

There are 4 Sundays to go and Snap Crackle Pop ain’t slowing down, with different performers each night, each one more extravagant then the last. Poof Doof is looking to make its mark at RCC and make Adelaide scream ‘YASSSSSSSSS!”.

Snap Crackle Pop is on every Sunday until the 15th of March at LVL 5 in RCC. Get your tickets here. Line-ups below.

Sunday 23rd February: DJ Kitty Glitter (USA), Karen From Finance (Melb), Scott Tanner, Kiki, Hollie Graffix, Daisy Confused
Sunday 1st March: Dorian Electra (Live) (USA), Milk Paste, DJ Pillow Princess, Daddy Long Legs, Molly Morphine Xai
Sunday 8th March: YUMMY (Takeover), DJ Polly Pocket, Scott Tanner, Milk Paste, Daisy Confused, Hollie Graffix
Sunday 15th March: Jawbreakers (Melb), Night Call, DJ Pillow Princess, Kween Kong, Xai, Hollie Graffix

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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