Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Disco Conversion Therapy

disco is dead, long live Disco. That’s not poor capitalisation on my part but instead a point of difference between capital D Disco and lower case d disco. It may seem strange and perplexing now but let the Disco wizards, the Dollar Bin Darlings, take you on a funky voyage through the history of Disco. A story of how Disco came to be and thrives to this day and how disco died.

In all honesty, stripped back, this is a lecture on Disco history. The Darlings are upfront about that at the start of the show. Sure it’s a lecture with a difference but a lecture none the less. Going in, I would suggest you have a genuine love for Disco, music, history or cultural movements to appreciate what is being presented. Go in with bona-fide desire to bask in a pure love of a music movement and be prepared to be bombarded with information. That said it is called Disco Conversion Therapy so for the uninitiated it could be a chance for you to see the light. The Darlings will sure try their hardest to get you over the line with pure love and soul.

As I said this still has a different swing to it then your run of the mill lecture. Full of passion, sass, and love, this is the history of Disco as it’s meant to be told. With flair, attitude, and plenty of tracks to vibe to. The Dollar Bin Darlings engage with the audience and embrace them with the same warmth and inclusion that blossomed in the the late 60s and became a tidal wave in the 70s. There are a lot of themes running through the presentation. Themes of gay and racial oppression, of free expression, of the tearing down of social norms, of freedom but most of all, themes of love.

There is lot to take in but the experience is well worth it and the Dollar Bin Darlings will take your hand as you step down into this dazzling journey to the sounds of a uninhibited soundtrack. (Look up Disco Conversion Therapy on Spotify to start your study.)

Check out Disco Conversion Therapy at The Attic in RCC between the 15th to the 23rd of February. Further info here.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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