Ban Ban – Rundle Mall Plaza

Let’s cut to the chase. Who here has been to Ban Ban and if you have, how amazing is their Korean Fried Chicken (aka. KFC)? And if you haven’t, why not! It’s about time you go as we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Ban Ban started with a beautiful shop on Franklin St and boasts such an aesthetically pleasing interior That it’s certainly Instagram worthy. But it is not just the interior, the food was definitely a ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ type of situation!

Not long after the original Ban Ban claimed its success, they proudly opened another one and have found the perfect place in the heart of Rundle Mall. This time they have cleverly positioned themselves in the middle of a food court on Level 1 in Rundle Mall Plaza mingling with the other cafes and cuisines, yet somehow they still stand out the most. We came here just before the lunch rush and was happy to receive our order in no time.

Let me start off with their signature Korean Fried Chicken. To satisfy everyone’s request and preference they have broken it down to three options; the Fried Chicken Drumsticks, Fried Chicken Wings, and their Boneless Fried Chicken and if I may make a suggestion, get them all. They were all finger licking delicious. They also offer different types of sauces to either pour onto the chicken allowing the sauce to soak in so well that they are worth getting your hands sticky and dirty (don’t worry, Ban Ban has thought of everything and provide wet tissues) or you can be the other type of customers who like their chicken and sauce separately and dunk the chicken into the sauce instead.

Either way, this is the fun part, choosing what type of sauce to go with what type of KFC! They originally came up with three sauces. The Sweet and Spicy, Soy and Garlic and the one and only the Secret Sauce. The latest sauce that came into the family is the Angry Sauce. Yes, catchy yet holds up to its name. It is a huge kick on the throat! Luckily we just love our spicy food, so this is not just a challenge for us but also a great treat. As spicy as it is, they still taste incredibly delectable. If you find it hard to eat spicy food, you can easily go for the Soy and Garlic or their Secret Sauce.

Now for the Loaded Fries. Two options: Umami Fries and Spam Fries. We decided to get the Umami Fries this time and we couldn’t stop munching on them. Generous toppings of Umami and overloaded sauce just like it’s name. We found the portion quite big and would recommend sharing unless you are really hungry or just a very big fan of fries! To make it even more interesting, you can pick sauce of your choice. No such thing as tomato sauce here, it’s just too basic. But you can get the Bbq sauce, Chipotle, Honey Mustard or the famous Gochujang Mayo.

Their Sides were also exciting to try. There were some that we were already familiar with such as Kimchi or Coleslaw (with slight Korean flavourings). Then we found Ban Ban had put Cheese Corn on their menu and it was the best decision ever. You know that saying “you can’t have enough cheese”, correct? Well this has been applied to their Cheese Corn and I think I have a new addiction.

They also have Rice Cake Skewers. Slightly spicy with a hint of sweet and tangy in their sauce, they were also topped with finely chopped peanuts to add extra crunch.

We were now entering the rush hour lunch period and observed that the place was getting packed. We noticed some customers were ordering Ban Ban Fried Chicken Sandwich like ours. It is the best choice for something quick, delicious and filling. It’s literally toasted bread with crispy boneless chicken, coleslaw and sauce. Ban Ban is taking sandwich for lunch to the next level! This menu is a limited edition so I’d get in fast if I were you and try it before the promotion ends.

Thanking Ban Ban Rundle Mall for their time, space and service. This is now legit our go to Korean Fried Chicken whenever we crave for it. It’s a five star from us!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 50 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


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