Lord of the Fries – Chick’n Nuggets

Lord of the Fries isn’t a new contender on the scene by any means. Unless you’ve been living in a cave on Mars with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears, chances are you have heard of the Vegan fried food franchise that is making waves across the country. Already well established Lord of the Fries is now looking for new ways to increase the palette of Vegan-friendly food with that burger diner vibe.

Having already made a splash with their Mac & Cheese Burger, taking something loved and mixing with something adored, Lord of the Fries have shown a desire to think outside the box to deliver food just as tempting as any Big Mac. Taking a step back this time though Lord of the Fries is now offering a worldwide favourite that should be on any fast-food menu the world over. Dem Nuggs.

Continuing to branch out past the world of fries, the Lord offers the Chick’N Nuggets. Available in both Original and Spicy. Made from Seitan, Chick’N Nuggets aims to be everything you want from your nuggets without the meat. The Nuggs themselves are just about indistinguishable from Chicken Nuggets. Perfectly sized with a spot-on texture plus a bit of kick if you get the spicy variety. There are plenty of feux meat options around but the Chick’N Nuggs fit the quick snack bill just right. Partnered with Lord of the Fries wide selection of sauces makes for an ideal snack or side. From American to Malaysian and everything in between there is very little that these don’t go with.

Lord of the Fries Chick’N Nuggs are only available for a limited time. So head in to either their Hindley St or Glenelg store and see if you can tell the difference.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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