Flaming Arrow

Flaming Arrow is the newest emerging hot-spot on the Adelaide art scene. Their studio, which is perfectly located on the first floor of Lincoln House, is a creative hub and workshop where like-minded people can come together and create incredible things.

The Flaming Arrow Collective, as the founders like to call themselves, use the space to work with commercial clients, local arts organisations, and individuals to produce top-quality content and run workshops for all types of groups. Not only do they create and practise their own podcasts, Fringe shows, and YouTube videos, they play host to a variety of classes and events, to share their passions and help bring together Adelaide’s art community.

Flaming Arrow was made possible thanks to Renew Adelaide, an Adelaide-based company dedicated to making people’s dreams come true by finding the most desirable locations in Adelaide and leasing them free of charge to passionate and focused individuals. Brand and Communications Manager of Renew Adelaide, Biela McMillan, said that ‘it’s a privilege to watch ideas become dreams,’ and that is something we have seen with the launch of Flaming Arrow.

The opening launch organised by Renew Adelaide started at 5pm with a beautiful selection of wines from The Lindsay Wine Estate and the option of a dry or pilsner from Hawkers Beer. Guests enjoyed playing a range of retro arcade video games, and enjoyed a chat and a drink at the wooden bar which The Flaming Arrow Collective built themselves. Everything inside the studio of Flaming Arrow has a rustic charm to it, with most of the furniture and lights being hand-built by The Flaming Arrow Collective.

The brilliant, open space calls for creative minds to perform on it’s stage, discuss through it’s radio studio, play in it’s lounge, and create wonderful things. Fairy-lights and lamps illuminate the studio, while the retro arcade games create colour, light and noise. The walls are painted with Flaming Arrow murals, and the mismatch of beanbags and coffee tables really makes the space feel like a home away from home.

The Flaming Arrow Collective believe that ‘that which does not work should be taken apart,’ and they like to use their space as a place to put things together and pull them apart again and again until they’re perfect. They invite other creative minds to reach out to them and use their space to develop their own projects and host their own classes at a low-cost to make it a viable option for people who are beginning to develop their dreams.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: Level 1, 157 Frome St, Adelaide


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