BA:M Tori

Street food is such an important part of the Asian food scene. From night markets to food courts to street side stalls some of the best and most memorable Asian delicacies come from unassuming street food vendors. Adelaide doesn’t have anything like the vibrancy and variety of a true Asian street food market but maybe we can catch a glimpse of it.

BA:M over the last year has established itself as proficient purveyor of Korean fusion cuisine. Having developed a strong customer base BA:M is expanding right into it’s own backyard, literally. Introducing BA:M Tori, right at the back door of BA:M, this new addition looks to emulate the charm and authenticity of a true Korean night market venue. Dim lighting, a warm atmosphere, an open fire and the smell of a charcoal grill BA:M all comes together to deliver a true Seoul urban experience.

The street experience is delivered in two different aspects, Yakitori and Soju. First of all, this isn’t a ‘dining’ setting, it’s a food and bar setting. BA:M Tori is best enjoyed with a group of friends before or after a night on the town or going to see a show or event. The set up and vibe feeds well into that jovial and affable environment. Accompanying this is small charcoal heaters to keep your food toasty and most importantly plenty of Soju. What results is part eatery part Soju bar and all fun. This is absolutely a location where the mood is what you make it. Come along in high spirits to imbibe spirits and everything will be fine.

The Yakitori available from pork belly, marinated chicken, mushrooms, asparagus and a handful of other selections make up the excellent snacking food to share amongst friends. The all-star of BA:M Tori’s designs though is easily its marinate. Regardless of your choice as long as it’s coated in their signature sauce you’ll be craving whatever else that it coats, which is pretty much their entire menu.

BA:M Tori has achieved the fine balance of street food and bar. If you visit expecting this equilibrium and not expecting too much of the other, you will not be disappointed. That is if you can find it. It’s truly as secluded as it can get. Tucked away in an alley way between streets. Catch if you can just off Peel St in the side street next to La Rambla.

Words and Photos by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 30.5 Peel Street, Adelaide


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