Botanica Boutique

For those who take better care of their plants than themselves, Botanica Boutique may be the perfect store for you to visit.

Owner and founder of Botanic Boutique Lesley Williams confesses to paying more attention to her plants than herself at the launch of her new store on Rundle Street. Supported by Renew Adelaide, Botanica’s Rundle Street Residency will promote their products proudly designed and manufactured in South Australia.

Williams and her business partner Simon Zappia specialise in designing unique ways to display plants including their signature mini mossariums. They aim to bring nature inside with sophisticated miniature gardens and other accessories for budding green thumbs.

Since their Kickstarter campaign in 2015, Williams is astounded how far her business has grown. She was initially surprised how much people locally and around the world cared about moss liked she did, but the Botanica products show her passion and design talent. As she humbly says, ‘there’s some joy people get from looking at plants under glass.’

After being a predominantly online store the past few years, Williams is now excited to share her craft one-on-one with people. The new retail storefront will hold workshops and invite local producers and growers to work together and share knowledge. Williams wants to show everyone it is easy and enjoyable to look after plants rather than stressful.

Williams wishes to support fellow indoor plant lovers in nurturing their plants as well as themselves. She is excited to share her ideas, create things for people and contribute to fostering a fun community of nature lovers.

Renew Adelaide provides opportunities to local creators like Williams to test their concept without paying rent. They liaise with property owners to provide their vacant spaces to something interesting and unique to engage with people in the area. The non-profit group are also helped by the South Australian Government and the Adelaide City Council.

‘It’s an incredible honour for us as a city council to support entrepreneurs [and] to support Renew,’ said Deputy Lord Mayor Houssam Abiad.

The Adelaide City Council has supported Renew Adelaide over the past 5 years revitalise vacant properties in the CBD. The small team at Renew Adelaide not only connect entrepreneurs with property owners, they find a unique product that will suit the space.

Botanica’s Rundle Street Residency is a wonderful open space with large plant pots in various colours hanging from the roof and railing by the entrance. Square shelving and ladders in the space display the wide range including mini mossariums, biodomes, gardening tools and books and herb kits. Larger potted plants range from head size to standing waist height.

The numerous indoor plants inspire numerous possibilities for designing your own plants and displaying them in your own home. And you could take a small garden to work with you so you can disconnect from the screen from time to time and get back in touch with the environment around us.

To begin or continue your indoor plant journey, find Botanica Boutique on Rundle Street in Adelaide. Join the conversation on plant care on Instagram today

Capture the beauty of nature indoors.

Words by Chloe Cannell

WHERE: 259 Rundle St, Adelaide


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