Adelaide Fringe 2019 – Rouge

Rouge is back to claim its throne as the Queen of the Circus and Physical theatre realm. After winning Best Circus and Physical theatre at last year’s Fringe, Rouge has come back for a second serving.
For everyone who didn’t see this show last year, this is your chance. I would easily recommend this show to every person I meet. Rouge is the ultimate combination of style and passion. A circus shows that oozes theme and sizzles with its sultriness.

Rouge is a grittier show than most, but it’s boldness and intensity pull the audience in more and more. Rouge puts a unique twist on all its sets from cabaret and burlesque to its acrobatics. New and interesting ways to look at conventional acts with everything drenched in flair. Rouge is an experience in every sense of the word and will have you craving more.

Previously the title bearer for this niche of flavour-filled performances was Blanc de Blanc, which is not present at this year’s Fringe. Rouge has gleefully staked it’s claim on this territory and proves it’s worth as it continues to perform in front of sold out audiences’ night after night. Rouge is a drug, and everyone is an addict.

If Blanc de Blanc is anything to go by this may be the last year we see Rouge at the Fringe, it’s for that reason I urge you to check out this show while you have the chance. Yes, it is circus and performance theatre, it’s acts have come across creative and intriguing ways to exhibit traditional circus talents, but I honestly believe that this show can excite and entertain all audiences. It has tapped into a magic with its theme that appeals to our more primal desires and bottled it in a show with passion and dripping in sex appeal.

Rouge is performing in Gluttony until March 17th. If you don’t see this, it’ll be something you regret.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Rymill Park, Corner of East Tce and Rundle Rd, Adelaide


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