Adelaide Fringe 2019 – Best of British

The British have long been known for their unique and bizarre comedy stylings. For years some of the best comedians the world has know have come out of the British laugh factory. We may be a long way away from Greenwich mean time, but it doesn’t mean we can’t experience the land of tea and crumpets here in Oz.

A show that performs every night, presenter Dan Willis, has put together some of the brightest and upcoming stars that the Adelaide and British comedy scenes have to offer. Dan has thrown a wide net to bring in a diverse selection of British comedians of Adelaide. This means no two shows are going to be exactly the same. With four comedians performing each night and a wide range of comedic style amongst the group I can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy every act. This is a stellar line of comedy talent brought to bare but with such variation individuals are going to prefer one act with another.

With that said there is plenty of amazing comedy to be had. Comedians like Alan McElroy, Kai Humphries and Carey Marx ensure that there is something for everyone regardless of taste. One thing you are assured of is that particular British wit and execution. From Newcastle, Essex and even Ireland (No need to point out the oversight there. It’s close enough.) The British living in Australia will be well accustomed to these stories from home and the Australians can enjoy the life lived in the head of the Commonwealth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the performing comedians use this as a promotion platform for their larger shows. If you like some of the artists, you see it’ll be good to check out what else they have on offer. Your only ever going a sample of a comedian’s material but some of it will cross over if you have seen or plan to see any of the spotlighted comedians.

The Best of British is performing every night at the Belgian Beer Café until March 17th. Get in quick this show will sell out on a regular basis.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE 27-29 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide


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