Adelaide Fringe 2019 – The Quizzical Mr Jeff

Audiences were treated to draw-dropping illusions and many laughs as The Quizzical Mr Jeff put on a show to remember.

The Parasol Lounge felt like a miniature one-stage circus. Mr Jeff first treated the crowd by juggling three top hats; flipping them through his fingers, rolling them down his shoulders and quickly juggling them on his head.

He danced with a cane and waltzed with a coat that stood up straight as if an invisible man was wearing it.

Mr Jeff also mimed with a wine bottle to quirky sound effects. He never missed a beat.

Gasps and cheers came as he would dangle a glass ball in front of a mirror and then out of nowhere would produce another glass ball from thin air. He made good use of the mirrors for this optical illusion. Suddenly he had six glass balls and was sliding them through his fingers.

What really shocked me was when he got hold of the last and biggest glass ball and moved it with his hands in a way to make it look like it was hovering in thin air.

Things then became really confusing as he started to make his cane fly and do laps around his body like he had telekinesis powers. I tried to look for a string or magnets and I still couldn’t work out how he was doing this trick.

Mr Jeff juggled and danced through six hula-hoops and even flapped them like wings in a majestic motion.

Members of the audience also got to be a part of the show as Mr Jeff brought a child and a man on stage and got them to blow up this gigantic balloon. It was hilarious and suspenseful as the audience thought the balloon would explode in the child’s face.

Mr Jeff then put his head inside the balloon and bopped up and down to the Borat theme. The audience was cacking it with laughter. He then proceeded to put his entire body in the balloon and danced around on stage like an egg that was about to hatch.

His final ensemble was a magnificent end to the performance as he got three members of the audience to mime instruments as he pretended to be a conductor.

The whole show felt like I was in a 1930’s slapstick comedy. Mr Jeff reminded me of magical Charlie Chaplin.

This show is a definite must-see at this year’s Fringe Festival. You can find Mr Jeff at the Parasol at Gluttony or purchase tickets here.

Words and Images by Christian Cominos

WHERE: Rymill Park, Corner of East Tce and Rundle Rd, Adelaide


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