Adelaide Fringe 2019 – 360 Allstars

‘The times, they are a changin’’ The famous line by Bob Dylan has always been relevant as we see things change in many ways. One in particular that has seen prevalent change throughout time is the artistic pursuits. Whether they be on canvas, in literature or on stage. Many schools teach traditional circus but to survive in this world a twist is necessary. With the birth of urban culture comes the 360 Allstars. It’s very much a circus but not like those seen before it.

The name 360 Allstars comes from the performer’s obsession with loops. Whether it be basketball, BMX or beatbox everything comes back to the point of a full circle. So, in a world where everyone has to be innovative how does the 360 Allstars fare? Well may I say, “Bröther, may I have some lööps?”

The team of 360 All Stars has put together a performance for the modern age. A fun and lively circus show for all ages. I wouldn’t say any of acts chilling or death-defying but instead lean on a more relaxed yet energetic hip-hop theme. This is more a variety show then a traditional circus. Breakdancers, drummers, and beatboxers all showcase how these new modern-day talents can produce a show just as entertaining and exciting as any other. In the new urban world these artists deserve just as much respect and any classically trained performer.

360 All Stars have become a worldwide phenomenon. Demonstrating to the world a fresh new take in the live performance scene. If this is your jam come and support the new brand of street talents taking their skills to the world. For the uninitiated, this show will amaze hands down and show you how the times are a changin’ and just how exciting that can be.

360 Allstars are performing every night except Tuesday and Wednesday until March 17th in Gluttony.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

Images by Matt Loncar

WHERE: Rymill Park, Corner of East Tce and Rundle Rd, Adelaide


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