Chez Nous

French curator, Diane Malet, presented the Chez Nous art exhibition with a collaboration of international and local artists. The idea was to celebrate the intimate spaces we create in our homes. This was done by bringing erotic art, exotic furniture and botanical sculptures to create a wonderful ensemble of abstract art.

Diane said she wanted to re-create an interior that was functional and inspirational. The art pieces reflect a settling time in her life. Diane sourced her favourite creations by messaging the artists via Instagram and social media.

Painter, Elizabeth Wojcaik, found her inspiration through the female body and sexuality. “I think it’s more beautiful, the female form, because it’s so curvy and sensual”, she said. Elizabeth doesn’t like showing faces in her work because there’s more to tell with body language.

Furniture-maker, Luke Makris, has been making furniture since he was a teenager. His dad ran a lounge suite manufacturing company, where Luke learned the trade. Luke was a graffiti artist but decided to put his artistic ability and his furniture-making skills together to create exotic pieces. Luke’s favourite piece of his is the Hammock, which everyone was so eager to lay on.

Artist, Rebecca Trevitt, is inspired by Australian growing natives. “I call myself a florist with hesitation”, she said. Her botanical pieces can either take hours or days to make. One of Rebecca’s sculptures, Paper Moons, was Diane’s favourite and was made from Honesty plants. The sculptures have a natural effect because Rebecca doesn’t use any preservatives to create her work.

Renew Adelaide did an excellent job at providing the space and the beverages. The personal favourite was the homemade Gin created by Diane’s husband. It wasn’t as dry as other gins and had a fruity taste to it. It was really easy to drink and I am not usually a fan of gin.

Chez Nous is on display until the 27th of August at the GU Film House on Hindley Street.

Words and Images by Christian Cominos

WHERE: 128 Hindley St, Adelaide



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