Homes Supermarket

If you’re not heading to Chinatown for refreshing bubble tea or delicious and cheap meals, there’s no doubt you’re there for the Asian groceries! Well, look out Hong Kong Asian Grocery, Kim Wang Asian Grocery, and Kuo Chi Oriental Supermarket, there’s a new kid on the block!

Opening its doors for the first time just a little less than a month ago is the new Homes Supermarket on Gouger Street. Entering the supermarket from the streets, you’re bound to feel a cool blast of air-conditioning before setting foot into the very clean, crisp, minimalistic, and modern interior. Up the front, near the checkouts, are the many colours of fresh fruit and vegetables, followed by aisles and aisles of Asian ingredients, sauces, noodles, drinks and, of course, snacks!

There is a real appeal to those who have come from overseas either to study, work or holiday, as many of the items found at Homes are exactly the same as ‘back home’.

Interestingly, this is actually where the name of Homes Supermarket comes from – while people will always have many ‘homes’, Homes Supermarket will always welcome you as if you are going back to your one true home.

What distinguishes Homes from some of the other Asian groceries in the area is the presence of a bakery upon entry (stocked daily by baker fresh breads of all kinds!) as well as the deli at the back of the store providing everything from piping hot steam buns, to fresh sushi and takeaway noodles for hungry shoppers!

So, if you’re on the hunt for that snack you always had as a kid back home, looking for a new place to try, or are just in the area, make sure to pop inside to check out this new gem of Gouger Street!

Homes Supermarket is located on Gouger Street in the Adelaide CBD and is open Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 10am-11pm.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 110 Gouger St, Adelaide


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  1. I wish we had this thing here in Melbourne

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