Sax and Violins Film Society

Sax & Violins will launch with the Renew Adelaide program in the CBD thanks to property partner, the City of Adelaide.

Sax & Violins is Adelaide’s first film society with a strong focus on independent, experimental, less commonly screened film and film art. Driven by husband and wife team, Ash D’Antonio-Hocking and Chris D’Antonio-Hocking, Sax & Violins will cater as a means to share their passion for film, art and South Australian brewers and winemakers.

Renew Adelaide CEO, Tim Boundy said, “Renew Adelaide has always backed ideas that are culturally interesting and will attract more people into the City. Sax and Violins is a great concept that we are proud to support, and believe that it can build a community of film lovers around its new space.

Ash and Chris are passionate doers that continue on in this vain. Supporting these up and coming ideas and projects will lead to more and more people willing to try new things and create an exciting city experience.”

Sax & Violins Owner and Co-Director, Ash D’Antonio-Hocking said, “My experience as a part of Adelaide’s art community has helped me realise the importance of a local creative community and the keen attitude of coming together to celebrate this type of art. Sax & Violins is a new, independent establishment that is here to cater to the community, test our ideas and to help strengthen invaluable bonds that are created through sharing art, culture and of course, a good drink.”

Sax & Violins is a member of the Australian Film Society Federation giving them the ability to operate the NFP under a membership model. Members will have an option to choose between a four screening trial membership, with three and six month memberships also on offer.

Films will be screened as part of curated programs testing the definition of what are usually considered ‘cult classics’. Programs will consist of older lesser screened films, independent Australian and Overseas and straight to VHS/DVD films. Informing the curation will be the juxtaposition and complimentary nature of specific genres, themes, and directors changing fortnightly and monthly. Programs will culminate at the end of the month with special events playing host to guest speakers, Q&A’s, artist talks and panel discussions. Sax and Violins will also host a bar offering South Australian beer, wine with the venue available to hire for exhibitions, private parties, private screenings and small work functions.

Renew Adelaide’s activities in the City of Adelaide are funded by the Government of South Australia and the City of Adelaide.

Sax and Violins is open Thursday and Friday from 3pm with screenings at 5pm and 8pm. It’s also open on the weekend from 12pm till late with screenings at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm.

WHERE: 195 Pirie St, Adelaide


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