Longview Vineyard – Tasting Room + Della Casa

Leading Adelaide Hills, family owned and operated wine company, Longview Vineyard has once again turned the traditional notion of a wine experience on its head with the opening of two purpose-built tasting venues and a new long Sunday lunch regime.

Renowned for its incredibly generous, faultless and welcoming hospitality, Longview offers the complete wine experience with tasting and dining options, events, accommodation and of course, award-winning wines.

Longview Vineyard Joint owner, Mark Saturno said: “It’s been two years in the making but we are proud to reveal our new and spectacular handcrafted Tasting Room and Vista Room.”

The Tasting Room showcases Longview’s award-winning wines in a truly hand-made environment.
Built using recycled materials found around the Macclesfield area, this rustic-chic space ushers in a new phase of Longview hospitality.

Mr Saturno said: “We want our visitors to taste and dine while soaking up the vista that Longview offers.”

“The Tasting Room is surrounded by natural stone, recycled metal and timber, black steel framed windows and graffiti and a deck overlooking some of Longview’s oldest vines adds an outdoor experience.”

Tiered wine flights and private masterclasses will be available, along with locally sourced seasonal fare. Local chefs Alice Della-Torre and Linda Westacott (Art Gallery Food + Wine) work with Longview’s resident chefs, Steph Heaven and Louise Naughton, aka The Caterers.

Mr Saturno said: Our Tasting Room cucina offers a menu of light seasonal Italian fare, designed to complement your wine experience.

“Making use of Longview’s smoker and my family’s cured Italian cold-cuts, the menu will be a mix of traditional and the surprising!”

The Vista Room offers an intimate and private wine and dining experience. Also part of Longview’s redevelopment it is available for private tastings and dinners of up to 20 guested seated.

Mr Saturno said: “A true wine tourism destination in every sense, guests are able to taste Longview’s cool climate wines, eat from seasonal menus using local produce and stay in comfortable king suites.

Longview Vineyard has also announced new Italian style Sunday lunches. This new offering is called ‘Della Casa’.

Mr Saturno said: “Join us every Sunday as we encourage you to sit back, relax and be fed, the way our Nonna used to do for us.

“It’s $55 per person, treats you to a shared multi-course meal of traditional and modern Italian appetisers, main dishes, sweets and cheese. Hand-made, locally sourced produce and the finest Italian imports are used to create a classic Sunday feast.”

Words and Images Supplied

WHERE: 154 Pound Rd, Macclesfield

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