Raj House – Fearless Theatre, OmMade Skincare, and Kids Camera Action

This week we attended Renew Adelaide’s launch of three new, exciting South Australian businesses at Raj House – the hub for creative people located on Hyde Street in the CBD.

We were invited to tour the new office spaces for OmMade Skincare, Fearless Theatre, and Kids Camera Action all located in the iconic and quirky Raj House.

Fearless Theatre is a fairly new non-for-profit organisation that aims to empower marginalised people in the community through different theatre programs.

They aim to ‘create opportunities for people from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious and language backgrounds to develop the confidence, skills and networks to actively participate in all aspects of Australian theatre’.

OmMade Skincare’s owner and creator, Petina Walsh started the business back in 2013 when she when she was pregnant and discovered there wasn’t enough healthy and organic skincare products in the market.

She then began to create her own products, and when her friends and family all wanted some, she decided to create OmMade Skincare to spread the love and goodness of what she found in the natural world.

The company is built on the philosophy that ‘if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin’ which means all of OmMade’s products are natural, organic, and all manufactured in their office or Petina’s own home kitchen.

Although the Petina has been running the business from her website’s new office in Raj House is OmMade’s first permanent home.

Kids Camera Action, founded in 2010, is a mobile film school for young people that visits community centres, schools, and regional centres to teach filmmaking skills to young people.

From Kids Camera Action, the Adelaide Kids’ Film Festival was born in 2011, before being rebranded last year to the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival.

Thanks to the beautiful office spaces available at Raj House, all three businesses and their creators have found a permanent home to showcase products and services.

Words and Photos by Geena Ho

WHERE: 54 Hyde St, Adelaide


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