Ryderwear Relaunch/Runway Show

Ryderwear is the ultimate in athletic chic.

The activewear brand, established in 2009, is a South Australian company specialising in lifting shoes and gymwear.

We were invited to the launch of Ryderwear’s new activewear line on Friday, September 1 at Published Arthouse in the CBD.

With champagne, frosé and juice from Nutrition Republic flowing, the event was brimming with the excitement and energy you’d expect from a group of fitness fanatics.

As an amalgamation of activewear and streetwear, the new line is their best yet. While the clothes look comfortable and easy to move in, they’re also stylish enough to wear in every day life.

The line featured a range of tights, trackpants, jackets, shorts, sports bras, tops, and more.

The ladies tights were particularly impressive, with elastic high waists and quality materials that don’t seem to become transparent as they stretch around curves. This is surprisingly hard to find with activewear brands, with some tights showing off your underwear patterns to the entire gym if you have a bit of a booty.

The tops were simple with Ryderwear flair. Many had detailing like a cutout or mesh back, which were flattering, beautiful and practical (hello ventilation)!

With solid colours like black, grey, red and khaki, the pieces could have easily been dressed up or down with jeans, a skirt, heels or some chunky jewellery, if one so desires.

The menswear was flattering but still tasteful, allowing the men to show off their hard-earned muscles with an effortless street style.

The models looked suitably badass, and I found myself googling their range immediately after the show. You can check out their range too, at www.ryderwear.com.au/

See you at the gym!

Words and Images by Olivia Henry


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