Hugh Hamilton Wines – Whitelion Support

While many of Hugh Hamilton’s wines are named after various black sheep quirks and characteristics, the wines are treated equally. This is a philosophy that is shared by the not-for-profit organisation, Whitelion.

Whitelion aims to empower at-risk youth and ensure all young people are treated equally and have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their past.

Hugh Hamilton Wines Chief Executive Officer Mary Hamilton recently spent a night in the Adelaide Gaol as part of the Whitelion’s Annual Bail Out where she learned about the challenges faced by vulnerable youth across South Australia.

Whitelion is a cause close to Mary’s heart, and of the team at Hugh Hamilton Wines. To support the tremendous work undertaken by Whitelion, 10% of the proceeds from all sales of ‘The Villain’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 during the month of July will be donated to Whitelion.

“We became involved because we feel such a sense of gratitude for our lucky lives; we want to pay our good fortune forward by helping the most vulnerable members of our community,” Mary said.

“We like that the money we raise for them goes straight to the street and those who are directly in need of support.”

The Villain can be purchased via Hugh Hamilton Wines’ online store for $29.50 ($25.08 for Black Sheep members). Tasting notes are attached.

To purchase the wines online:

For more information about Whitelion please visit:

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