Marcellina’s – 50 Year Anniversary

Every decade of success in the food and hospitality industry is a milestone deserving of revelry, and tonight Marcellina celebrates its fiftyth. That’s 50 years of dedication to the craft of fulfilling our appetites with wholesome, hearty pizzas, pasta, sides and desserts made with the freshest local produce and a whole lot of affection.

On this special occasion, we were invited to an exciting and interactive pizza making event on location at Adelaide’s oldest pizzeria. It is hard to miss Marcellina‘s sign that shines bright out the front of every one of their 12 locations, and you can almost smell the fresh pizzas just by driving past. What makes the Hindley Street store extra special is the length of their residency on the street as everything else around constantly changes and rebuilds, seeing other establishments come and go.

Tonight, a long table adorned with a myriad of fresh, quality SA produce and a selection of cured meats, cheeses, tomatoes, olives and much more is available for grazing all through the night, and everything in front of us can go as toppings on our tailor-made pizza.

One by one, a takeaway pizza box is placed in front of us, revealing a fresh pizza base ready to be primed with fresh tangy tomato sauce and all the frills. I cover mine with a generous layer of shredded cheese, mushrooms, green and red capsicum, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

Once we were all happy with our creations, they are taken away and no longer than 15 minutes later, the cooked versions of our masterpieces are served. It is amazing how using simple but quality, fresh ingredients makes the flavours on these pizzas come alive, and Marcellina knows this best.

With this understanding, paired with their passion and dedication to their craft, this is why Marcellina is a household name in Adelaide and will hopefully remain so for another 50 years (and more!).

To mark this significant milestone, the Marcellina pizza special will be going at 80 cents each on Monday, 5th June between 11am and 4pm; this is the price the pizza was originally selling for back in 1967. There is a limit of 2 pizzas per person and this offer will only be available at the Hindley Street store, so cancel your lunch plans to enjoy a pie or two on Monday!

Words and Photos by Yasmine Yusuri

WHERE: 273 Hindley St, Adelaide

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