Ali Baba Kebab House

We’re quite fortunate to live to in a multicultural society as we have access to an array of international cuisines right at our finger tips. Lebanese cuisine has always remained popular with eateries opening up sporadically across Adelaide. The newest kid on the block is Ali Baba Kebab House which has opened on the eastern end of Hindley Street. With just under two dozen items on the menu, the cafe offers charcoal kebabs, chicken dishes, biryani, curry, yiros, wraps and manoushe.

Today, I went for the Combination AB which consists of a mixture of lamb and chicken. At $12 per serve, this is a bargain price, especially when you’re watching the amount that you eat. Presentation was good with a generous drizzling of garlic, tomato and hot chilli sauce. The chips were in between a french fry and your thick cut, and they could have been fried a bit longer. The chicken was well seasoned and succulent, while the lamb was a bit dry.


The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was laid back, although I can see this place getting very busy on a weekend evening. The most expensive item on the menu is $18 with most around the $10-$12 mark. Whether you’re out on the town on a Saturday night or just looking for a quick snack during the day, Ali Baba Kebab House has you covered.

WHERE: 21 Hindley St, Adelaide


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